What is a Case Competition

A case competition is an event where teams of three receive a case study (a scenario or specific set of circumstances) that is to be completed in a limited period of time.  Teams must identify the most prominent issues presented in the case study and develop a customized strategy to solve these issues and achieve the stated goals.  Winning teams must work together in the most efficient way to present a cohesive recommendation that includes creativity, specific detail, and technical background knowledge.  At the end of the time period, competitors present their recommendation to a board of accomplished judges.  Competitors are judged on their ability to identify the key issues, present creative solutions, and communicate effectively.  

Case competitions were initially created for business students at the graduate and undergraduate levels, but have recently exploded onto the high school scene.

It is important to remember that while case competitions have a formal competitive element, there is so much more to the overall experience for both students and teachers.  Students are able to network with like-minded business-centric peers, and business educators will find no more valuable form of professional development.  When industry, educators from all levels, and the bright young leaders of tomorrow get together to expand their business knowledge – the future is the real winner!

Check out some quick highlight videos from past high school case competitions below, and click below to see actual case presentations done by high school students.  

2016 SBTA Case Competition Highlights

2015 SBTA Case Competition Highlights