May 16th, 3:30 PM – May 17th, 5:00 PM. Click here to view of a copy of the event schedule.



The MHSCC is hosted by Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College.  Students and teachers will be staying overnight in the dormitories at Brandon University.


What Is a Case Competition or a Case Study?

See this page for more details.

Our competition will be divided up into two categories: Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship.  There will be a maximum of three students per team in each category.


Should My School Go?

YES!!  Case Competitions are a ton of fun and a great way to meet new young people while sharpening your business skills and knowledge.  For teachers, the MHSCC is a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded educators and get in some excellent classroom-ready professional development.


How Much Does It Cost?

Our lead sponsor: Fusion Credit Union (formerly Vanguard/Catalyst Credit Union) have generously provided the funding to cover most of the event costs.  However, in order to provide three meals, and an overnight stay we do require $40 per student.  In the past, teams have received substantial support by simply making a phone call to their local financial institution and explaining what an excellent business-related opportunity this event is.  Check with your local bank or credit union and see if they’re interested in sponsoring your team! Cheques are to be made Payable to Brandon University (memo: Manitoba High School Case Competition).


How Many Schools/Students Will Be There?

We’re aiming to have 12 schools from across Manitoba, with a maximum of six students (two teams) per school.


Is There a Dress Code?

Yes.  Our dress code is business casual/semi-formal.  We’re not here to be the clothes police, but if hockey players can wear suits and/or a tie to games, the business leaders of tomorrow should be able to look good and play good too right?



Parking will be at Brandon University in a lot to be updated closer to the event date.  Here is a map of Brandon University.


What Do We Have to Bring?

Teachers & Students are responsible for bringing the following:

  • Registration Fees (if not paid ahead of time)
  • Toiletries
  • As many laptops/devices as the team wishes to use during the competition (wireless will be available)
  • Pens, paper, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.
  • All contact, medical, and allergy information
  • Exra Sleeping bag or blanket if need be
  • Sheets, blankets, 1 pillow, and hotel-style soaps will be provided by Brandon University